Echelon Poetry

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Echelon Poetry bears the interest of Mississauga local poets in heart but has, however, featured works of amazing poets from other parts of the world (especially Africa).

Poetry has evolved a less challenging way to tell how urchin words could make one an orator. Thus, Echelon Poetry aims to help poets to spell lights upon their little worlds; calling their bookish days, 'swagger' and wakeful nights 'sabbath-worthy,' and to achieve more self-portraits from words-oriented palettes; colour tasteless.

Given that the poets cruxes get fuzzier according to the economic and socio-political circumstances under which they operate; too much of either could jeopardize their functionalism. If anything else and more influential, 'Politics.' Such game-

feculent (as it has become today); a tricky dictionary with a varied threat/ scarce in surplus schemes poor investment(s). Regardless, we could be that yard you could stunt your poetic license at, no matter what.

Echelon Poetry